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Ghost Association of Massachusetts

Boston Ghost

Misc Notes about Ghost in Boston

  • More ghost are seen around Boston than any other major metropolitan area.
  • Several ghost have known to appear during several WBZ-TV news broadcasts in the early 1980s. ( You can see some of the footage in our library.)
  • Boston's Back Bay and the Minuteman Trail in Lexingtonare two common areas where ghost have known appear during the day.
  • A ghost can be seen in a back and white photo taken at the 1960 John F. Kennedy's speech at the Boston Garden.
  • In the 1950's and 1960's the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts refused to hold nightly meetings. Some experts say that this was because of several ghost sightings at the State House during that time.
  • There is a painting in the Massachusetts State House gallery that contains an unexplained object for its time period. How/Why was it put in the painting? During the tour we'll point out the painting and the mystery artifact.