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Ghost Association of Massachusetts

Boston Ghost

Gill's Ghost

Anyone that lives in Boston's Back Bay knows about the famous Gill's Ghost and most likely has some encounter with this famous "Back Bay" ghost.

This is the official version of the origin Gill's Ghost:

On the night of October 18, 1832, some local residences were protesting the Commonwealth decision to fill in more of the Back Bay. Gill Franklin, Osborne Finney and Fred Ostrander were leading the protest of about 400 protesters marching up the State House via Commonwealth Avenue.

Local police were summoned to maintain order between protesters and counter protesters.

Shortly after the police arrived a shot was herd and Gill Franklin was found lying on the ground dead. Who shot him remains a mystery to this day. Gill Franklin died near what is today called Public Alley 438.

Ghost experts say that Gill thought that the Back Bay Land Fill would destroy the city of Boston and is trying to scare local residents.

On the tour you'll learn how two deaths have been attributed to Gills Ghosts, one in 1953 and another in 1980.

When walking Boston's Back Bay, ask anyone about Gills Ghost and you'll be sure to hear lots of stories.