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Ghost Association of Massachusetts

Boston Ghost

Boston Public Library Ghosts

Kirstein Business Branch

In Boston, the idea of establishing a business branch of the Boston Public Library was considered in the early 1900's but not acted upon until 1928, when Louis Kirstein, a Vice President of Filene's Dept. Store and Trustee of the Boston Public Library, offered to donate the money to build and furnish a downtown branch library. His offer was accepted and a suitable location, an abandoned police station next to the City Hall, was given to the library for this purpose.

However, some say that he didn't like the design and haunts the halls of Kirstein Business Branch today. Here are some of the acts attributed to the BPL ghost from librarians:

  • "Some times when I am alone on the second floor I'll see some books fall on the floor."
  • "At least once a month when I close the library, I will hear foot steps on the top floor and I know the building is empty. This is very creepy when your all alone."
  • "Yesterday when I was on the phone I heard a big thump. I look around and didn't see anyone around the room."
  • "One night when I was closing the library the light on the third floor turned on as soon as I left the building, but when I opened the door the light turned off."

Louis Kirstein death was ruled a suicide.