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Ghost Association of Massachusetts

Boston Ghost

Boston Stone

The Boston Stone is located on Creek Square Road near Fanuiel Hall in Boston Massachusetts.

For many years historians have said this is the stone that represented the universal center of the City of Boston in 1737. This was used as a surveying landmark in Boston for many years, dating back to the 1700s.

However recent historians such as Professor Carey Belnap of Harvard University, discovered that this is really a grave stone marking of unknown Minutemen of the Revolutionary war.

In 2005, Carey found some old documents at the Harvard University Library which prove that this is in fact a monument.

"Shortly after the Revolutionary War ended, Some widowers of the Minutemen got together and decided to bury unidentified dead in a monument near the waterfront," said Carey Belnap, " and they marked the spot 'Boston Stone' to symbolized their devotion to the city of Boston."

Carey speculate that the true meaning of the monument was kept secret so the monument would not be found if the British was to return to Boston.

In 2008, some independent researchers found supporting documents in Concord and Lexington that showed the Boston Stone was America's first Tomb of the Unknown.