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Ghost Association of Massachusetts

Boston Ghost


Boston Ghosts is your complete reference to all the known ghosts in the Boston area. You'll find information on the Concord Ghost that haunts the Legendary Sleepy Hollow to the famous Gill's Ghost that haunts Boston's Back Bay.

We'd be happy to help you with your research or if just interested in our various Boston Ghosts tours. Our office staff is willing to help you learn all about the Ghosts of Boston, even let you know how you can have a safe ghost encounter.

Important Notice

Due to some technical reason, we are unable to sell tickets at this time. Once these issues have been fixed we will resume tours.

Just Added!

Due to popular demand, we are adding midnight tours for August, September October with some very We start the tour at the State Building Library room where you may encounter some ghost encounters. The tour ends at the second floor of the Park Street Church where you'll see the famous Granary Burying Ground.

Tours Availability

We have opened up a Ticket Counter inside Faneuil Hall Marketplace. You can now reserve your late night tours and buy some unique products. You can find the Ticket booth on the left of the Post Office counter in Faneuil Hall.

Free Boston Sweat Shirt!

If you come by our Ticket Counter in Faneuil Hall and say "Boo!," we'll give you a coupon for a free sweatshirt from any vendor in Quincy Market! Without a doubt its the best "hidden" deal in Boston!

Ring the Hidden Ghost Bell!

Hidden someplace in Faneuil Hall is a ghost bell. Stop by our Ticket Counter and we'll tell you where it is and what happens when you ring the bell. This is part of the many treasures that Boston Ghost has for your Boston trip.